Randome Mode


I don’t know if it can be done but it would be awesome if in the series we can see the episodes in random mode so if the series has 10 seasons and 200 episodes Infuse just play randomly all of them, not in sequence

And also a button that you just click it and select one random move to watch would be great


Just because I do not understand why.

Please describe why this feature is needed. Most shows nowadays are building a plot bases on the shows order. So why would someone play them in random order?

Great idea +1 I have a few favourite series that I always seem to select the same episode every time and it is always a nice surprise when selecting the lesser viewed episodes.
To answer the other poster. I would argue that thousands of shows (probably a majority of releases) would work well in random mode. Think of all the series such as Big Bang theory, Will & Grace, CSI, Criminal Minds, House, Modern Family, Simpson’s, Family Guys, Seinfeld … the list goes on forever. There is no need to watch them in order. Only shows that have a progressive plot line would make sense following the air order maybe the Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead, House Of Cards etc.

I support this idea because I had the exact same idea last week and wanted to post here. It’s a nice feature for when you want to replace your TV. At our home for example we have no normal TV channels whatsoever. If we watch TV it is something in Infuse (movie or TV show). For comedy series (Simpsons or sth else) such a feature would be nice. But it needs a good implementation. Something like a right click (long hold) menu option on a folder or library.