Random Restart Of aTV2

I have 3 aTV 2 boxs in my house and i update them regularly all at the same time to keep everything running the same. I have been using Firecore’s Media Player and i love it. But recently my aTV 2 boxs will reset when i am scrolling through the menu’s. Any menu’s. It doesn’t reset when i’m watching a movie at all but only when scrolling the menu’s. It could be Netflix menu, aTV 2 menu, Media menu, any menu. I’m on version 4.4 right now and the latest version of aTV Black.


Do you have any other 3rd party software installed?

A bug report may help track down what is going on.

Thanks for the reply, i’ll work on the bug report. Yes i do have 3rd party software installed. I have Firecore’s Media Browser installed which is most important to me. Also, i have overflow installed to hide some of the unwanted tabs on the home screen. I think that’s it, besides what aTVflash black installs automaticly, like ‘update be gone’. But i have been using this configuration for a year or so now and without any problems. I have kept up with all of aTV 2 flash updates with Firecore, so maybe it’s the new release? All 3 aTV’s in the house do the same thing and all started at the same time. Thanks for any help and all replies!

I have the same problem, Suddently my ATV.2 restarts 6-10 times before it is little stabile. I can watch something on netflix but suddently again it restards again serval times.


I know many of my friends have the same problem. It has been working fine untill resently

From experience.  Rejailbreak the whole device.  Install only the minimum tools you need.  Think there is a internal drive capacity issue with the ATV2 that just gets to a point were it can not function, and it reboots.