Random pause

I have atv4k with infuse 6.6.2.
When I play a movie or a tv show, over the last week, there seems to be something strange going on.
The video pauses about ten seconds into the show. Not every video but at random.
When I go back later and replay the video, it doesn’t pause on its own.

Is this a true “Pause” like when you press the pause button on the remote where you can press the play/pause button to restart it or is the video just freezing like it’s buffering?

Yes, paused. I have to press the unpause to continue. System is connected by Ethernet cables so no buffering.

Are you using the Siri remote that came with the ATV or are you using a after market remote?

I use the harmony remote by Logitech.

I have the same issue, using Apple TV remote. I notice mine on a non 4k Apple TV. No real pattern, started on some semi recent version.

Could you try using the Siri remote for a while as a test?

Another possibility is if you use CEC between the ATV and TV you may want to try a different HDMI cable in case the ATV is seeing what it interprets as a pause from the tv.

I really think it’s a software issue introduced in some recent version. For me, no CEC, used the same TV and Apple remote for years, same cabling, same everything, always worked great. Some recent update, and the behavior is different. My use is watching TV recordings. Was a beta tester, this is some version since after my beta testing was done and I didn’t resign up. Now, 95% of the time, it works great, same as always. When it happens, it is not the recording. i.e., once Infuse works again, I can play the same recording, no pauses. Wired, not wifi, switch, so dedicated bandwidth to local machine. I’ve also had a few other issues that started to crop up after recent updates. Sometimes, Infuse refuses to recognize a new recording. i.e., recording done, sitting tere, an hour later, nothing. Hit refresh, nothing. Look in Emby Apple TV app, it’s there. Shut down and restart Emby (in case this helps the infuse plugin), nothing changes, not there. Go to recordings folder (series), it’s there and I can play it. It just doesn’t show up in latest recordings. I’ve also had to force quit Infuse a few times as well, another new behavior.

I have no use for the Siri remote, that’s why I use harmony remote. So I’m not going to use it to test.
Don’t use cec. I already replaced the HDMI cable as a possible issue.
I use infuse daily, no new equipment or settings change, it just started happening.
I agree it could be the remote, or could be atv4k as they keep updating, I’m trying to narrow it down. I was wondering if anyone else had the issue to determine what my options are to correct this.