Random Order of TV Shows Added to Playlists

@james why is it when you add an entire TV series to a playlist it doesn’t keep the files in season/episode order?

Can this be changed to follow season/episode order?

It would also be great to have the playlist show a hierarchy like Show poster > Season Poster > Episode Poster like it does in the library instead of one massive list of individual random episodes.

Hmm, do you notice any method to the order? Release date, date added, filename, etc…?

Well, I’ve dug through a handful of lists and can not find any rhyme or reason to the order shown when adding an entire series or season folder. It’s not a sequence I can figure out yet. I sent you a couple of screen caps that hopefully show this.

It makes adding a series or season to a playlist a non starter until it can be added in episode order.

Also having the episodes in series/season containers would really clean up the interface for Playlists.

Looking into the ordering strangeness.

With regard to subcontainers, this is a bit outside the capabilities of playlists right now.

Little steps is fine. :wink: Order first and then the deluxe goodies. At least they fade in and out correctly.

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This should be resolved in today’s 6.4.4 update.

The correct order should be retained when adding series or seasons.

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Looks good! Thanks!

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