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Hi All,
I am new to Infuse. Couldn’t find a topic like this. Sorry if I missed it.
So I have been setting up my Apple Tv version of Infuse, and organizing my library on a networked drive. Everything is going well, and I see all my movies, tv shows, and collections. I was able to add new posters to folders and on some movies. So, I am getting the hang of it.

What is driving me crazy is that the movie “The Croods - A New Age” is just showing up in my library (in the Apple TV Infuse app). But I do not own that movie and it is not in my Movies folder on my hard drive. I don’t want it. Does Infuse randomly add movies to our Libraries? How can I get rid of it?


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First, how are you connected to your share? SMB,DLNA, FTP etc?

Second, what is the file name that is showing up as the unwanted movie? You can do a Long press on the movie poster and then select edit metadata and that will show you the file name along with suggested matches.

I would never have tried that… it seems the file name “the_wedding_crashers.mp4” was the problem. The actual movie name is just “Wedding Crashers”. I updated the file name to remove “the_” and now that movie is showing up and the Croods are gone!!! Yay!

Thank you so much!

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Your welcome!

After seeing some of the bizarre names that come back with minimal file name errors nothing surprises me anymore.


As a side note, you’ll get even better results if you have the release year after the movie name in the file name like “Wedding Crashers 2005.mkv”. That will help Infuse find the correct match correctly more often.

Good to know. I will have to look up release dates for my movies.
Thanks again!!

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