Random micro stuttering

Much appreciated! From what you’re saying that iPlayTV sounds like the most likely evil app. Let us know if you see any further issues. :slight_smile:

I will! And thanks once again for fixing this for me.

Story of my life. Just as I thought the problem was solved, there it is again. Noticed several times on single episode watched this morning. Trying to upload that file to you now James.

The only app still allowed for background updating is Infuse. I guess I could try disabling that as well.

Edit: File uploaded through the Dropbox service. Surname Sperious.


Okay another off the beaten path thought.

Does your router allow for assigning priority for streaming to a specific address? If so you may want to assign that to the ATV.

It just sounds like something is bleeding off bandwidth of either the processor or the network in small increments. Also WiFi is notorious for stuttering if it encounters interference like another WiFi device close by or electronics placed nearby.

If you see it again, can you exit the video and send in a report right after (and post the 5 digit code here)?

Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics

Thanks again for your input but I’m very confident the issue is not because of my setup. I haven’t made any changes to my setup in at least a year and Infuse has been rock solid for me. My Apple TV is connected to my router via ethernet.

I’ll be sure to do that and I’ll post the code here.

Just noticed it again on a 23.976 fos file. I stopped the video a few seconds later and sent diagnostics with the resulting code T8DRS.

I’m also getting random slow downs as well

I wouldn’t call my issues slow downs. It’s more like one single lost frame of video (audio seemingly not affected) at random intervals. Not very often though. Might occur once or twice during a typical 30 min episode.


We’ll take a look and see if we can find any clues.

Thanks, much appreciated.

Here’s another file, same issue: V0QGF

I’m experiencing similar issues, but much more regular stutters (making it unwatchable), but only on some files. I’m running the latest version of Infuse pro 6 and tvOS.

I’m not sure which technical “level” you’re at but is your Apple TV outputting the same frame rate as the source material? If not, you will get more or less problems with stuttering depending on what frame rates are involved and how your TV deals with it.

It sounds like this may be a different issue, and could be file-specific.

If you have a chance to upload a sample, we’d be happy to review it here.

My ATV4k is set to match the frame rate of the source file. I’ve got an Samgsung X75 series TV, not sure how to check if it can handle the frame rate. It works properly for 90% of files I’ve tried it on though.

I’m joining the micro stutters club. Same issue and settings as topic starter. Files are on a NAS and ethernet streaming to ATV 4K.

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Hello James,

Have you had the chance to take a look at this yet? The problem seems to come and go in intensity but it’s present on everything I watch. I’ve been a happy Infuse user for a long time but this is so annoying it’s ruining the enjoyment of watching whatever it is I’m watching. I really hope you’ll be able to replicate this and find a fix.


I came here last week looking for any reports on an issue that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere after the 6.3.1 update. Setup it Apple TV 4k, synology NAS, playing 4k remuxes via SMB… I restarted apple tv (pulled power cable),restarted NAS and the issue was present on any of the files i tried.

As mentioned here in this thread, i double checked and it ended up being user error! My global playback speed was somehow set to 0.95x speed. Whoops.

Mine is set to normal. However, I can’t even find a 0.95 setting. 0.75 is the step below Normal, and I think I would notice that kind of slow down.