Random micro stuttering

Im having the same issue after the last update. It happends to all my files too.

My diag info code 2885P

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For all of those who are adding a “Me Too” and saying you are having the same problem please make sure you are talking about the same problem the original poster is having. Please read his post #30 Random micro stuttering - #30 by Sperious and preferably the whole thread where he describes the issues he’s encountering. A single frame stutter a couple of times in a half hour show is not easy to see for the majority of folks so if you’re seeing continuous stuttering or a different issue please start a new thread with that issue so we don’t detract from the OP’s problem and looking for a solution.

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@NC Bullseye: Oh shoot, perhaps my issue is indeed different. I’ll look into creating a different post, sorry :<

Thank you for the clarification.

Thanks for the information. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.

I installed Infuse 5 pro again and no problems at all with that release…

That’s interesting. How often do you see the issue using Infuse 6?

When watching an mkv file of a tv show episode of 45 min, I would say about 3 or 4 times. I haven’t tried any other file formats with Infuse 6 since the stutters appeared.

My experience is exactly the same. It’s really weird. I don’t think I’ve tried any other file formats either, mkv is close to 100% of what I’m watching.

Same here, but I do see it more often now that I can’t help looking for it… :frowning:

It’s quite possible that is true for me as well since it’s so easy to miss it looking away from the screen for a second or so.

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A call out to the others in this thread experiencing the same problem as me.

Are you still seeing the problem on the latest 6.3.3 Infuse release and tvOS 13.4?

I definitely am, even though it might be even less frequent now. However, at two times now I have had the video go REALLY jerky and non fluid after one of these micro stutters occur. Has anyone else seen this?

Also, have you been watching with subtitles when you’ve seen the stuttering? I’m basically always watching with subtitles activated and Infuse devs seem to think the issue might be related to that.

Haven’t noticed it after 6.3.3., but will keep an eye out for it. I always watch with subtitles.

I watched a movie today with the latest Apple tv and infuse update and have not seen a single stutter. I’m still not totally convinced that it is gone, but before the updates i experienced more stuttering in every movie. Stuttering came out of nowhere, OP described it perfectly.

I don’t think I had the exact same issue as the others, but my similar-but-different issue appears to be solved in the latest update, so… yay? :smiley:

I’m happy for everyone whose problems are solved. However, I’m still seeing stuttering. I have narrowed it down to being subtitles related. The stuttering appears at exactly the same moment that a new segment of the subtitles is displayed. Not every time, though. It doesn’t seem to affect embedded subtitles on Blu-ray rips, but it does affect external subtitles downloaded from OpenSubtitles and also subtitles embedded into mkv files.

I believe this thread is about the same issues:

I have the same problem as OP still. Running a wired backhaul for everything. Server is a Mac Mini. Everything worked fine even for 4K content until a couple of months ago. Problem seems worse on higher res content. Latest versions.

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