Random micro stuttering

Mine is set to normal. However, I can’t even find a 0.95 setting. 0.75 is the step below Normal, and I think I would notice that kind of slow down.

If you highlight playback speed in settings and then swipe left or right on the track pad you get .95 and tons of other options.

So you can change your playback speed in the settings section of infuse home screen, or you can set it from each individual movie when you swipe down on remote.

To get to 0.95x you have to press the (-) button. You are correct, the preset speeds are 1, .75, .5, and .25x.
This is from iPhone, as I’m not in front of my aTV. Swipe left or right for aTV speeds.

Oh, thanks! Had no idea. Are there more “hidden” settings like this? Guess I’ll have a look around.

I should also add that if you are playing a video and swipe down and select video you will also see a playback speed selection there and it’s controlled the same way, either click on it and select one of the options or swipe on it repeatedly and you’ll see other in between speed options.

If you’re seeing strangeness in only certain videos you may want to check the playback speed here since it can be different from the global setting in the settings menu.

I think this may be changing in upcoming versions so it’s not so hidden. It’s shown in the upcoming features thread here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

“Improved controls for custom playback speeds (tvOS)”

It seems to affect all files and I’ve checked the “in episode” speed settings and they’ve always been set to Normal.

James has invited me to the beta program so I’ll try downgrading the Infuse app version to see if that makes any difference. It’s just really hard work trying to find this stuttering since it is so inconsistent and I can’t look away from the screen at all in fear of missing it. :slight_smile:

I have started noticing EXACTLY the same problem as OP. Random micro stutter on all movies.

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Thank you. This is not an imagined issue but it’s probably hard to notice for most people. Not everyone is a videophile. It’s also easy to dismiss as something temporary. That’s what I did for a week or so, before realizing the problem is very real, and once seen can’t be unseen.

It takes away the joy of watching a good movie. I’m just looking for the next stutter.

I really hope there’ll be a fix for this. I am currently watching Netflix until next week but then I’ll do some more watching on previous versions of Infuse to see if the problem was recently introduced or not.

Same issue here as OP.

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How do you downgrade to a previous build of Infuse Pro 6.3 on ATV 4K ? For now, I’m limited to Netflix streaming due to this issue.

Apple doesn’t let you do this for any app.

I was allowed to join the Infuse Beta Program to be able to do this. The last four or five versions are possible to install using TestFlight on the Apple TV.

I’d like to join the micro stuttering club as well!

I’m running the latest Infuse 6.3.1 (I’m on a 1-year subscription) and the latest version of tvOS on an Apple TV 4K, connected to a Sony X900E TV. I started noticing that the motion was “off” for Infuse, ran a comparison with Plex (free version), Apple TV+ and Netflix and it was definitely much more stuttery in comparison. The other two apps are way smoother with the same files. I’ve also noticed that Infuse might not respect the wireless audio sync introduced recently with Apple TV (where you can hold up your iPhone and the ATV4K plays some sounds and it tries to sync) perhaps because it’s using Infuse’s custom player instead of AVPlayer that Plex, ATV+ and Netflix seem to use, but perhaps this is just a side effect of the playback stuttering that it loses the lip sync. Not 100% sure on this.
The stuttering is also much worse if I turn off auto match frame rate. If I try to play something with TrueCinema on (where the TV grabs the 24p signal from a 60p signal) the stuttering becomes waaaay more noticeable whereas it’s just kinda there a little bit if I make the Apple TV output 24p with auto match frame rate.

I tried reinstalling the app but no dice. I generated a code in the app, hoping it might help you guys out: HVF6Y (and hopefully my rambling comment can help you out as well?)

Im having the same issue after the last update. It happends to all my files too.

My diag info code 2885P

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For all of those who are adding a “Me Too” and saying you are having the same problem please make sure you are talking about the same problem the original poster is having. Please read his post #30 Random micro stuttering and preferably the whole thread where he describes the issues he’s encountering. A single frame stutter a couple of times in a half hour show is not easy to see for the majority of folks so if you’re seeing continuous stuttering or a different issue please start a new thread with that issue so we don’t detract from the OP’s problem and looking for a solution.

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@NC Bullseye: Oh shoot, perhaps my issue is indeed different. I’ll look into creating a different post, sorry :<

Thank you for the clarification.

Thanks for the information. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.

I installed Infuse 5 pro again and no problems at all with that release…