Random HTTP errors - sporratic?

Hi all,
Been using Infuse for years now… absolute gamechanger for how I watch my media. Plus the app is actually decent.
Anyway, hoping someone can point me in the direction of what might be the root cause of this one.
I’ve moved my Server offsite into a location with bandwidth of 500mb/s down and 100mb/s up. Plenty for most services. Also at the same time, I slapped in an a4000 which has 100% assisted in other related activities… i.e. taking strain off my CPU.
Anyway, in the past couple of weeks, some movie files are coming up with the following.

Not all, just some.

From my understanding, HTTP 500 is just a catchall so the error is basically useless, but hoping someone from the team could have a peep and tell me what could be the root cause - diagnostics QQGVP (mobile), WW2P7 (appleTV), J3JAN (family member’s mobile)

For what its worth, the http error code seemingly disappears entirely when watching via the official Plex app or web client (still won’t switch to it anyway, but might also be a bit of vital context).

My server (Plex) is a Arch Linux container (Proxmox) with 2 core, 4gb ram, and the RTX a4000 (yes i know the a4000 is overkill, but got it for a ripper of a price).

Let me know at your earliest!

Thanks in advance.

Bit of an update, when I turn on my VPN to manage the server on my phone, the HTTP 500 error disappears. Understandably the VPN makes Infuse think that my phone is ‘Local’ as evident here:


HTTP 500 still not present when running via just bog-standard Plex chrome client, but I think they’re two different issues. Will always stay with Infuse, but want to see if there is a fix.