Random hiccups / stuttering during playback of 24fps video

This thread is about issues with random hiccups / stuttering playback of 24 fps video (bluray) not due to network problems.

(The other old thread is full of several different stuttering problems - therefore this new thread )

Please inform us about:

  1. Video type (attach MediaInfo specs or just include codec and fps info)
  2. Video output setting on Apple TV (50 or 60Hz)
  3. TV brand/ model (100Hz or 120Hz panel)
  4. Any motion features enabled?
  5. 'Film mode' setting on TV (3:2 pulldown on / off)

Hope that this tread can be a help for James and his team to solve the problem.

My input to this tread are:

Apple TV output set to 1080p/60Hz (or auto)
My TV is a Sony KDL46HX855 ( European model, 200Hz panel)
Motionflow = standard
Film mode = auto1

I experience the problem as that during playback of 24fps (BD-rips, 1:1 mkv files) movies there are often random hiccups which I suspect has something to do with Infuse doing something so that the playback gets out of sync (a framerate timing problem??) , or something else that makes the ‘Film Mode’ (3: 2 pulldown) fails so that the random hiccups / stuttering occurs.

Also during playback it often occurs that a sudden series of continuous hiccups appear. These hiccups seem to be remedied by briefly pausing the playback of the movie - sometimes it goes away again after about 30 seconds (more og less).

Otherwise the playback i smooth the most of the time !

I Have no hiccups watching the same mkv-files with Plex.
No hiccups watching movies on Netflix og Itunes.

If I turn ‘film mode’ off I see no random hiccups but then there is constantly judder.
With Plex there are also judder if I turn film mode off but yhe playback is totally smooth if it is set to ‘Auto 1’.

(Playback of DVD rips (framerate = 25fps (PAL)) where Apple TV output is set to 1080p/50Hz the are no judder (or hiccups) no matter if ‘Film mode’ is on or Off)

Hi :slight_smile:

for me it’s exactly the same!

Apple TV output set to 1080p/50Hz
My TV is a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX505 ( European model, 100Hz panel)
Motionflow = standard
Film mode = auto1

All my Files are apple-conform mp4-Files (SD and HD Resolutions, 25 fps or 50 fps ONLY).

I get on some files randomly Hiccups!
(Absolutely random! It could happen if I rewind and start playback again, it plays smooth. Or a hiccup occur on another point in time!)

If I play the same Files with other tvOS Apps like iTunes Homesharing, DS-Video, Plex etc.:
I have perfect smooth Playback with NO hiccups…