Random black 'flicker' with Dolby Vision video playback

Ok i might not be able to say 100% but upgrading to OSX Ventura might have fixed the flicker, at least i did not notice it anymore while watching 10-15 minuts of a DV file…

Yes, this problem still continues on all my laptops, only now the problem has appeared on hdr10+ files

Unfortunately, this problem has existed for a long time and has not been fixed.

Image flickering as shown in the video fix happens when you run infuse DV or HDR10+. I have this happening on all my macbooks. Macbook pro 16 m1 max, MacBook pro m1, apple pro xdr display. Mac OS Ventura 13.1


Hi there ! I wanted to add some details to this problem. It seems that the flickers happens when the file has Dolby Atmos track in it. I precise IN it, not only selected. I explain myself : I made two version of the same file : One is Dolby Vision with audio tracks True HD 7.1 and AC3 5.1. This one is flickering in Infuse on my MacBook Pro no matter if I choose the track 7.1 or 5.1. But I also made a file with MKVToolNix which doesn’t contain the True HD 7.1 track and this one doesn’t flicker in Infuse. It just plays fine.

i have the same problem but mine is a little more extreme sometimes, happens with DV files on my mac

I basically cant watch DV files on my mac with infuse

This is on an m1 macbook pro