Random black 'flicker' with Dolby Vision video playback

Ok i might not be able to say 100% but upgrading to OSX Ventura might have fixed the flicker, at least i did not notice it anymore while watching 10-15 minuts of a DV file…

Yes, this problem still continues on all my laptops, only now the problem has appeared on hdr10+ files

Unfortunately, this problem has existed for a long time and has not been fixed.

Image flickering as shown in the video fix happens when you run infuse DV or HDR10+. I have this happening on all my macbooks. Macbook pro 16 m1 max, MacBook pro m1, apple pro xdr display. Mac OS Ventura 13.1


Hi there ! I wanted to add some details to this problem. It seems that the flickers happens when the file has Dolby Atmos track in it. I precise IN it, not only selected. I explain myself : I made two version of the same file : One is Dolby Vision with audio tracks True HD 7.1 and AC3 5.1. This one is flickering in Infuse on my MacBook Pro no matter if I choose the track 7.1 or 5.1. But I also made a file with MKVToolNix which doesn’t contain the True HD 7.1 track and this one doesn’t flicker in Infuse. It just plays fine.

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i have the same problem but mine is a little more extreme sometimes, happens with DV files on my mac

I basically cant watch DV files on my mac with infuse

This is on an m1 macbook pro

Same problem.
Very noticeable flicker that occurs every 15-20 seconds on a M1 Pro MBP

I’m seeing the same on a M1 Pro Macbook Pro with DV files. You are not alone in this guys!

Newest version of Infuse.

This is not new, I’ve been noticing this behavior over the past months, but I don’t watch that much content with DV on MKV.
There are repeated flashes that happen during playback of content with DV on MKV.
I use a MacBook Pro M1 Max with Display set to HDR video P3 ST2084, Ventura 13.4.1, Infuse 7.6.4523

I installed the Sonoma Rc and this issue has seem to have gone away


I just had a file where this issue occured, updated to sonoma - you’re right, the problem seems to be gone…

Edit: ok, that was to soon - problem still exists

@James I understand you moved my post to this one, but the reason I didn’t post in this thread, and created a new one, is because there is no “black” flicker on my end, the flicker is actually brighter, not darker. I don’t know if that matters or not, just in case I thought it deserved another post.

Setting Extended Dolby Vision to “off” fixed the problem for me. I understand I’m watching the HDR layer without Dolby Vision, although on a Mac OS there’s no indication of what are you really watching.
Visually going back and forth it looked identically to me, but if there is a difference I don’t think it justifies sitting through those flashes.


But the Dolby Vision is very important on MacBook Pro. The Apple HDR settings is too dark in dark scenes while the Infuse HDR setting is too bright in some scenes. The Dolby Vision looks perfect and it’s so annoying that for the files with True HD audio, those flashes appears…

Infuse must do something for that :slight_smile: @James do you have any news about it ?

I’m not sure what exactly the Apple HDR setting vs the Infuse HDR does. At first glance it looks one is set to full range mode and the other at legal range. Which happens on some ripped MKV’s that were not properly done. All HDR content should be mastered at Full range.
The other thing I would say is that on iOS there is no option for setting the type of HDR like on Mac, and I don’t know why but there were times I could have used it.
Lastly, I stopped using Infuse on Mac due to those flashings.

Same problem here as well. When I watch DV P5 video on my 14 inch M1 pro MacBook pro,it gets random flicking frequently,which is very annoying. Also I notice that about every 30 minutes the frame will freeze for a short time before getting back to normal playback. All of these only happens when watching DV contents on MAC. Meanwhile watching the same DV content on iPad does not have any flicking or freezing issue at all.

I haven’t tried this, but I think the issue lies with the display’s refresh rate.
A hint of that is on the flickering happening on Dolby Vision and not HDR.
Dolby Vision is timecode and frame rate dependent. Most programs are at 23.98 fps.
Any misaligning and you will see flashes when the cuts don’t align between metadata and picture.
I noticed my MacBook Pro M1 is set to ProMotion refresh rate, but there are options for 48 and 47.95 Hertz.
If my theory is right, setting it to 47.95 for 23.98 shows should fix that issue (or 48 for 24 fps)
I’ll try it out at my next chance and report back.

I don’t think DV flicking is related to MacBook or display’s refresh rate. I have another player on Mac which is able to play the same DV P5 content without random flicking. From that I am assuming flicking is caused by macOS infuse only.

Just tried to change the refresh rate and it doesn’t seem to change anything :confused:

Hi ! What is the player you use to play DV fils without flicking ?:slight_smile:

I use WebDav to link my NAS to infuse. However my NAS has its own application which is able to play DV video without flicking. Here is my NAS model:https://www.zspace.cn/z2pro/software.html#k60