Random black 'flicker' with Dolby Vision video playback

Hello everyone,

I have recently started using Infuse 7 (Version 7.3.10 (7.3.4085)), and every video I watch have these random black flickers. I mostly watch TV shows/movies with Dolby Vision format.

I have tried to reinstall the app, but the problem is still present.

I’m using a MacBook Pro 13" with Apple M1 and 8GB RAM, OS: macOS 12.4.

Can anyone help me?

I’d suggest you first update to the lastest version of Infuse 7.3.10

Is there a newer version? The AppStore says that this is the latest: Version 7.3.10 (7.3.4085)

Sorry, I saw the “7.3.4…” in the trailing numbers and missed it was the 7.3.10 release. My bad.

So does this happen when you don’t use DV? What DV profile are these videos? 5, 7, 8x?

According to Media Info: HDR format: Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU

As mentioned, does this also happen when not playing Dolby Vision files?

I have just tried some 4K and 1080P files, and they do not have this problem.

A random question.
Are these files that have issues mkv or mp4 container or both?

I have tried both mkv and mp4 container. However, if it is a Dolby Vision format video, it flickers randomly (and sometimes it stutters too).

I have downloaded the same TV show again in HDR10, and now it plays without any problem.

Ok thanks for clarifying.
Sadly I only just noticed this is on a MacBook and I have no experience of using a MacBook.

Hopefully someone else can replicate/help.

Apologies for wasting your time but the extra info provided may help others help you.

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No problem! Thanks for trying to help!

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I think that’s a ‘problem’ that most don’t notice. Every 10 minutes or more, the screen flickers one time (content-> black screen for less than half a second → content again). This only happens with Dolby Vision. MacBook Air M1 (it always happened also with previous versions of Infuse)

I also have that problem on my MacBook Air M1.