Random Artwork

diagnostics code WFYJ3

In recent months, the infuse library is displaying random artwork for both tv series and movies

My entire library (300+ movies and 2500+ episodes ) was cataloged and displaying beautifully previously so I know that my file naming and library structure is correct.
I now find that the artwork changes seemingly randomly - so some or all series will show artwork for say westwing, or some movies will show artwork for harry potter. The scenes from episodes also change somewhat randomly. Generally if i play a movie, the artwork for that movie will correct itself, but another group of movies will start displaying the incorrect artwork.

I have a 64GB appleTV which is only used for infuse. I dont sync across ipads/iphones so I dont use icloud syncing or trakt. Metadata fetching is on and Enbedded metadata is off

I have tried keeping the apple TV offline and online, neither makes a difference to the above problem. Previously i kept the apple TV off line after it had updated and the system worked beautifully.

I really would appreciate your assistance




Are you using DLNA to connect to your server?

no SMB

That’s bizarre!

Have you tried the boilerplate troubleshooting of force quitting Infuse first and then try restarting your ATV?

I know that you said it worked with the file names you have before but maybe provide a sample of a couple of the file names that are being possessed just in case.

example of file names
A Dogs Purpose (2017)

I have tried force quitting the app.
Will now try resetting the ATV4K

Would there be any benefit in "clearing all metadata "- this indicates 7GB?

I’d wait till you try the restart and if it still persists, then you could try the clear metadata.

Hi the restart appeared to work initially but about five minutes later, the issue resurfaced.
I then cleared the metadata and rescanned my shares, which finished about 30min ago. Im happy to report that the problem seems to have gone away.
Significantly the metadata which had been indicating 7GB has now dropped to about 750MB
Hope this problem is now fixed permanently

It almost sounds as if there was a glitch while Infuse was getting metadata and it garbled it. Glad it’s working again and thanks for getting back to us.