Raidrive (Gdrive) + Local Plex (metadata) = Infuse How?

I have a PC Build with the program Raidrive connecting to a Gdrive where all my media is stored in and using Plex media Server to get all the metadata on which is store on my PC and streamed from Gdrive > Raidrive > Plex > streaming device

Since I recently got the new ATV 4K(2021) and wanted to see the fuss about Infuse and its far better than Plex with the codecs and want to keep using it but limitations on the Infuse connected to Plex Media Server cause of the metadata and not enough storage space on ATV 4K.

My questions is

  • How can i use my Local Plex using the metadata that is stored on my PC onto Infuse?
  • I understand i can stream straight from Gdrive but i want to use RaiDrive as the source?

Thanks in Advance.

So you want to use plex as the metadata source and direct stream from raiddrive?

If so this is not possible. Only Kodi with the plex addon can do something like this (plex as a metadata source with direct SMB access to the media).