Radio no longer functions and missing apps

Have been running jailbroken ATV2 for several years with minor issues. Occasionally on Apple updates, have had to re-jailbreak because of lockups and random issues. Recently, internet radio stopped working and only "Radio" showed in the top right hand corner with a black screen. I figured it was another update and I would just need to reupdate and jailbreak. 

Updates via Itunes, Booted into AppleTV2 (non jailbroken) and there are lots of new apps, asI  well as Itunes Radio in addition to the standard internet radio (gray Radio tower icon at bottom) Both work flawlessly. Disconnected ATV2 from TV hooked via microUSB into computer and used Seas0nPass to jailbreak. Jailbreak completed, booted into ATV2. Now missing apps that were previously on home page, no itunes radio, also internet radio no longer works just gives "Cannot Access Internet Radio stations check your network configuration and try again" - This is the whole reason that I initially tried to re-jailbreak was because internet Radio was not working. 

NitoTV installs fine via SSH, XBMC works fine, most other apps work fine. But misssing Itunes radio, a few apps, and def NO internet radio. Anyone have any ideas? I'm at a standstill. I REALLY utilize XBMC, but also love the radio stations, it would seem right now I can only have one or the other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I have the same issue with Internet Radio. I just have the word "radio" on the screen if I select the radio icon. I have not as yet updated. Hoping someone here will have an idea on what has suddenly changed.

It's strange because after booting into a non-jailbroken ATV, it states it is OS 6.1 (5.2-5.3) -- It would appear that Seas0nPass would be able to handle this jailbreak, but it doesn't seem correct. Also, I noticed that after jailbreaking, ATV still wants to update. If you choose update later, it constantly bugs you. This would lead me to believe that there was an interim update that has broken the most recent jailbreak. 


This article discuss an update that came out earlier this month, which I believe may be the update that broke the most recent jailbreak.

Anyone know if this apple update has been evaluated against the most recent Seas0nPass?. 

I do have the same issue and it is absolutely reproduceable.

I install ATV2 with factory Load 6.1.4, Radio is working.

jailbreak with Seas0nPass WIN and OSX, Radio is broken.

any Ideas gents ?



I have exactly the same problem on the latest versions of SeasonPass (0.9.5) and aTVFlash (2.4).

I am getting the "Cannot Access Internet Radio stations check your network configuration and try again" error with the Internet Radio icon.

I thought it may have been a faulty "hot update" from the recent tethered to untethered JB, so I jailbroke again directly to the latest untethered version.  Same problem.  :(

Is this a issue known by developers?

ATV2 5.3(6105) + SeasonPass 0.9.5 + aTV Flash 2.4 and the same problem:
"Cannot access internet radio stations. Check your network configuration and try again"


Also, in addition to all the previously mentioned problems, I noticed that the update fix no longer works. ATV still prompts me every so often to update to the newest ATV software. It's a shame because it looks as if they included some new features in the latest release.

Running IOS 5.4 untethered on aTV Flash 2.4 and Infuse.  Internet radio stoped working after update Infuse Tuesday (apr 8th) from the maintenence menu to v2.2 and internet radio gave message to 
"check internet connection".

Did restore of plain non-jailbreak IOS 5.4. Not Flashed, no Infuse. Internet Radio still gives message "check internet connection."

This implies that handshake between the ATV2 and Apple's Internet Radio has been changed to a different address OR some other connectivity aspect has been changed.(???)  iTunes utilizes the internet radio with no problem on iphone or iMac.

Would someone take the time to load plain IOS5.4 and confirm neither aTV Flash nor Infuse are at fault. This is what I am seeing, anyway. 



I have 13 ATV2s installed. All Jailbroken with Seas0nPass. Mixed iOS versions (I did not update some of them in more than a year). Internet Radio stopped working for all of them.