R.I.P. Logitech Harmony Remote

It looks like the end of the line for the Harmony Remotes from Logitech.

Wow :cry:

Thanks for the heads up. I use the harmony remotes a lot and this is really sad news. I have been using them for 20+ years (before Logitech bought Harmony).

I really wonder how long they are going to support the infrastructure that the harmony uses; so that you will be unable to make changes to your configuration. I speculate that it will only be a year or 2.

They promised 3 years for their phones so we will see

That makes me sad also, it was my main solution on my Tv / Hc.

If the cloud goes down and no more configuration possible, it will be a p… in the a….

I have an alternative where I use Homebridge and plugins where I can start my activities without Logitech, but it is not as good after that without any remote.

I never really used the remote much (they sit in a box) but the hub has been tightly integrated into my current smartphone ecosystem. If support ends I’ll have to look at some sort of custom IR blaster system to automate my entertainment system