Quirks with Plex…

So I am exploring Infuse as a replacement for my Plex player on tvOS due to Plex’s horrendous player.

Here are a few things I’ve seen and wondered if there are ways to fix them.

  1. When you dive into TV shows is there anyway to collapse the season folders and just show the episodes?
  2. When you go into the season folder for a show even when sorting by date or release date it seems they always start with the newest episode so the latest episode is at the top and the others are below it. Shouldn’t the sort somehow do like E1 to E10 in that order and not E10 to E1?
  3. Along those same lines has #2 hitting play on a season folder goes to the newest episode and doesn’t go to the Oldest unwatched episode and instead goes to the newest unwatched episode.

Thanks all!

Use the library.

Sorting by date puts newest items first. This is not yet reversible, but one can hope this will someday be implemented.

Use the library and episodes appear in the expected order.

Use the library.