Quiet audio recently

I’m not sure if a new update came out that changed something with audio. Now my stereo Apple HomePods are very quiet in infuse app only. They have normal volume in every other app.

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There were several added adjustments to audio in the 7.5.7 release. You can read about them here.

You should be able to adjust things to your liking. :wink:


Thanks. It seems audio boost in the settings menu isn’t actually increasing the volume. It only works if I set volume boost within the swipe down menu of the content I’m playing.

The overall volume was lowered recently to prevent clipping at louder volumes that some of us were experiencing with various media titles.

The new settings allow users to bump the volume up again, with more control, to customize the audio output to their personal preferences.

What is the purpose of the volume boost in the settings menu if it doesn’t boost the volume? I have to do it within the video every time I play a video.

If I change the volume boost in settings⚙️ from disabled to 300%, and then play a new video, that video plays at 300%.

If I then change the volume boost in the video playback window🖥️ to disabled, that removes the boost from the video but does not reset the level chosen in the settings⚙️ menu.

The settings⚙️ menu remains locked at 300%.

The settings⚙️ menu boost is a global default, in case you find everything you watch too quiet.

Every new video you watch will by default start with the volume boosted by 300%.

If you only need to change the boost level of individual videos, use the setting in the video playback window🖥️ instead.

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I assumed that is how it is supposed to work but it does not. I can change the global volume boost to 300% and it does nothing. Only changing it within the video swipe down menu works.

I’m thinking once you change the setting on any given video, it will stay that way (no matter if you subsequently change the default).

Try setting the default to 300%, and opening up a video you never played before. The audio boost should be showing 300%. I’ve just tested this on my phone.

And after that, reset the audio boost in settings to disabled, and then open up yet another brand new video. This one should open up with the in-video option pre-set to disabled.

Sound is lower on Apple TV since this update, prior to this update the downmix was perfect, maling dialogues super crisp eithout need to volume boost, know even with louder volume boost (300%) loud parts are overpowered and quiet parts are too quiet.

Is there any way to setup up Infuse in the way it was before? Volume boost does things to the audio I dont like, and keeping it off makes the audio barely audible (and potentially dangerous if you forgot to lower it down when you change to another source.

It was broken the way it was before.
But you can choose a minimal boost setting; until the volume is back to where you like it.

You can disable all the other audio features you don’t like.

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You might try the volume normalization setting in Infuse, or the ‘reduce loud sounds’ setting that probably lives on your TV (and iirc, the AppleTV).

I believe the new sound processing restores the wide-dynamic range of source files; and to do that without clipping the loud parts (resulting in awful crunching or buzzing), they reduced the volume of everything across the board; including the quiet parts. Doing anything else fails to preserve the dynamic range intended.

Is this happening with all files, or just certain types?

What type of audio tracks are you seeing this with?

Does updating to 7.5.8 help?

It does not function like this for me. Volume boost is always disabled in every video regardless of what the “global boost” setting is set to.

Are you asking about the quiet audio? It is every audio track I play across the board, all file types. Updating did not change anything.

I agree with this as well. Audio seems unbalanced now.

With what version number of Infuse?

I also have this issue, where on some shows volume is really low, and some others it’s fine, on my Apple TV 4K.
For now, it seems to mainly happen on Dolby Atmos tracks, but I have to test a little further to narrow it down.
So Dolby Atmos track :arrow_right: 5.0 Receiver
Where for every other apps like YT, Plex or (previously) Infuse I normally set the amp at 37, I now have to set it at least at 50, which is really loud for every other app.

Then set the settings boost to bring it back to where you want.

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