Quicktime and a few bits...

Just purchased and installed 4.0.2 all has gone well.

Few questions,

I presume Couch Surfer is no longer installed in the latest version? If it is, where’s it gone?
Same for Sapphire? Or is it just called “Settings” under the Media tab now. Strange if it is.

Finally have installed Firefox and Quicktime yet cannot view embeded QT movies. Firefox tells me to update QT, Maintainence says its up to date.
Weird for a piece of software developed for a Mac product and I cannot go to the Apple website and view a QT movie!! :slight_smile:

Any answers welcome…


[Removed] Couch Surfer, Jaman, Sapphire & ATVFiles until 3.0 compatible versions become available

Ah, so they all went in 4.0, yes?

Still, why doesn’t QT work???

I love talking to myself so i’ll ask another.

Hey, where’ the ‘Internet’ tab disappeared to?

It’s part of the AppleTV interface, so whys it not there once atvflash is installed?


If your Internet menu is gone, it may have gotten disabled. You can enable/disable any of the standard plugins through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

No one answered the question, ( well, he did ask alot of questions)
So, why can’t I view QuickTime files in firefox. Flash is working, but not QuickTime?
Thank you!

Unfortunately Quicktime video is not supported as 'regular' Quicktime isn't compatible with the AppleTV.