Quick Sapphire question

so I’ve finally got sapphire set up to some level of usability (it still has trouble importing data on dvd rips of tv shows, for instance) but for the most part I have movies and tv shows indexed and so forth. My question is this – after watching a tv show, it’ll remove that episode from the list. I’d like for it not to do this, but I can’t figure out a setting that will prevent it from removing the show from the list (the file still stays there and I can obviously watch it with nitotv or files, but it’s nice to keep all the metadata available too).

Any insight into how to get it to stop removing watched files from the list?


When viewing your files, hit the left arrow button. This will cycle the view from All, Unwatched, and Favorites. The normal view will show a red gem at the top, this designates all files. Blue is unwatched files. Yellow is favorites.