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So I have a very large plex library currently hosted on a remote server approximately 23tb of movies, tv shows etc. The plex app shares and loads the data no problem but my concern is getting infuse to remotely access the existing channel data and not trying to download all of that locally. Is there a way to make infuse act more like plex and just use the plex data and the infuse for playback?

+1 for me, Infuse runs really slowly loading up my large remote Plex server on ATV4K.

By default, Infuse will cache the textual metadata and library structure on your device which allows for quicker load times. It will then only fetch artwork if/when you browse to a specific category or view a file’s details.

If you prefer Infuse to pre-fetch all artwork, this can be done by enabling the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found under the Advanced tab of the Plex share’s settings in Infuse.

Lastly, you may get faster speeds while browsing by using Infuse’s library features. The library uses fully cached views, so browsing will not rely on the connection speeds to the Plex share.

Thanks for replying James. Is pre-caching what you’d recommend on ATV?

It sort of depends.

It can be useful for remote Plex servers, as storing images locally will be faster than downloading them on demand.

If you have a massive library pre-caching can take some time.

Also, the Apple TV has been know to purge app caches if space gets low. In this case, Infuse would need to re-fetch all the images again.

Ok - thanks for taking the time to reply

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