Quick Plex question...

So now we can use Plex as the server and it will manage watched lists and up next etc is there any need to have iCloud sync on for infuse?


It’s not required, but we recommend keeping it enabled so you won’t have set everything up again if you re-install Infuse or switch devices.

With regard to syncing (metadata, watched history, etc…), this is all done through Plex and not iCloud.

Cool thanks James! Excellent work on the app too you guys are amazing

Just to be clear with this, connect to Plex doesn’t sync the home screen customisation for me across apple tvs

Plex connections will not be synced via iCloud, but your home screen layout will be synced.

However, if you are logged into Plex on one device and not another then you may not see all the categories since Infuse will hide empty lists from the home screen.