Quick glance UI to differtiate movie with multiple qualities and a collection

Hi, have loving using the brand new multiple qualities of movies.

Just an observation. Before this feature, in any situation where both movies and movie collections appeared together, it was very easy (1s glance) to differentiate between a movie and a collection. Just look for the ‘year’ or ‘x items’ in the subtitle, and voila. Now, it is much more time consuming - looking at the name if not truncated or looking carefully at the poster.

My suggestion keeping the standard ‘year’ if it’s a single movie and multiple qualities and using ‘x items’ only for collections. I also suggest introducing an icon to indicate multiple qualities.

This will also standardise the home page UI (recently added section) where some movies can have the year and some others ‘x items’. The year is valuable info for a movie, which is missed.

I’ve created a visual representation of the issue.

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