Quick add/remove from Watching list

Add a context menu to the “Watching” section of the TvOS app that appears when a user long-presses on a title. This context menu could include options such as “Remove from Watching,” “Mark as Unwatched,” and other relevant actions. This would allow users to easily manage their watchlist and improve the overall user experience of the app.


Yes please. Currently I have to hop into the dying ATV Plex app to do this.

Plex and most other Streaming services have the option to very quickly remove an item from their own “Watching” playlists - seems like a no brainer to add it as a contextual menu for the Watching list in Infuse instead of having to hit “Playlist” and then click “Watching” and wait for it to load - this is extra difficult on tvOS as the Watching contextual menu doesn’t work as I reported here: Add contextual menu when long pressing a Continue Watching episode (tvOS-only)


I did a search but could locate an existing suggestion that matches my specific use case, apologies if I missed one.

Could we get context menu (and associated actions) for items in the “watching” section of the gui when using Plex library as our source?

I frequently play demos or portions of movies/shows to test audio, calibrate video, or just show off my theater. This creates many items in the watching section, with no fast way to directly remove them from that area.

It would be great if you could act upon these items directly from the watched area, via a long press on the remote/context menu.

I swear this was posted somewhere else but I have the hardest time with the search feature on this forum. But there is an official post hopefully a mod can find and attach your post to it.

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Today’s 7.7.2 update includes an option to quickly add/remove items from Infuse’s Watching list.

This is available by long-pressing on an item, or by using the new Watching List button found in the video details page (tvOS only).

I’m not finding this on tvOS. Would someone be able to post a screenshot?
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, any plans on implementing this on the other OS?

The Watching list button can be found on the details page on Apple TV. The option to add/remove is also available by long-pressing on an item’s poster on all platforms.

Note: This feature is only available when using non-media server shares, such as SMB, NFS, FTP, WebDAV, and cloud services.

Ah got it thanks @james
I misunderstood and thought for a moment these 2 were related…

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