First up Infuse is great, lot’s of hardwork here really shows – thank you!

I’ve got a question, an issue and some feedback!


What does the heart icon represent on this screen (attached)? All my media has it so I can’t see the use of it, I thought it was because the media was a favorite from the Files section but that doesn’t seem to be the case?


My Infuse 5.8 2190 is connected to Plex 3.57.1 via the Connect to Plex option. I can be at home on the local network and watch a show from the server, all is great.

The main thing I want to do is to download episodes to my phone to watch on my commute. This works, but I end up with two ‘versions’ of my media, one is the one from the server and one is the downloaded one. I can watch the downloaded one fine as long as I choose the appropriate media, which seems odd. Also the watched status never seems to sync back to the Plex server so I have to manually locate the media on the server and mark it as watched before getting the next ones.

Is this the expected behaviour or is something going wrong?

This not syncing of the watched status is a deal breaker for me when deciding to spend my money on a Plex pass on Infuse Pro.


Some of the language in the app could be clearer, if I’m understanding how things should work (see above!) perhaps the ‘download’ option might be better as ‘available offline’ (the Plex app calls it ‘Mobile sync’) or something, at the other end, when I’ve watched the media and no longer want to use the space on my phone I ‘delete’ it, this seemed scary at first, again, my expectation here is that I am removing the media not deleting from the server so the language could change.

I personally love the iOS Youtube app player and how double tapping the left or right edge skips back or forward 10 seconds - so good for skipping the titles! I know I can gesture scrub, but tapping is more comfotable for me holding a device. Perhaps a feature to consider you have the functionality already just need the gesture? :slight_smile:

Great app, looks great works great, really want to use it just need to sort these issues!

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum!

The heart icon displayed on the ticket, will allow you to rate items when you are logged into Trakt. If you are streaming from Plex, ratings will also be synced there as well.

With regard to videos downloaded from Plex, this is a quirk we are looking into. This currently affects TV shows, but not movies. One thing thing you can use in the current version when deleting videos, is to notice the small gray text that appears under the title. For remote files, it will list the server name. For local (synced) videos, it will display Synced. Additionally, if you want to ensure remote files are never deleted, you can disable the ‘File Management’ option found in Settings > General (it’s disabled by default).

Also, thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep it in mind for future updates. :slight_smile: