Questions re Install Process and Requirements

I am seriously considering purchase of an Apple TV and atvFlash.

I would like to see if someone can give me a good walk through on the process of using the atvFlash and apps with a new version aTV. I am considering ordering a refurb aTV through Apple, so I can only assume it will have latest version firmware. Hopefully the atvFlash will still be compatible.

So my questions on the process are as follows:

  1. Once the atvFlash is installed on a Flash Drive, does that drive need to stay in the aTV at all times?
  2. Does the atvFlash allow the aTV to use an external USB HDD instantly after installation or is there something else I need to do?
  3. Once I have atvFlash and USB external HDD, how hard is it to connect nitoTv to browse/use my movies on the ext. HDD? IE - Do I need to use a keyboard and mouse to navigate and input the path?
  4. With atvFlash installed can I also use a NAS like Apple Time Capsule or other Network back up drive?
  5. Is it easy to organize my movies and TV shows in nitoTV? IE - Can I do subcategories and genres?


  1. No, the aTV Flash is inserted for a 1 time install. After that, the flash drive will be removed.
  2. Once you have the aTV Flash installed, you can follow our simple USB enabling guide at:
  3. Its very simple. The external drive will automatically appear in the Apple TV menu. You can browse using the Apple TV remote.
  4. You will be able to stream from an SMB NAS. This will be enabled at the same time as USB support.
  5. Yes, you can manually organize them in nitoTV, or you can use Sapphire. This will automatically populate the metadata (cover art, episode/movie info, etc…) and organize the files. It works quite well.