Questions on strictly using Infuse instead of servers

I’m taking a look at strictly using Infuse instead of connecting to Plex, Emby or Jellyfin and have a couple questions (using iPad).

  1. If I have movies that are part of a collection (user made or within TMDB), why is the collection not showing up in the Library? On the Home screen under Movies, I click “See All” to go to all over my movies, but I do not see any Collections in there.
  2. Within a Collection, is there any way to sort the movies by release date going oldest to latest? For some reason it starts with the latest release date first then goes backwards.
  3. Infuse is also not grouping movies into Collections automatically via TMDB (yes that option is turned on)

Thanks for any info you can provide

Have you check the collection settings?

What do you have selected?

As to using Infuse without outside servers, that’s the only way I use Infuse and have been using it only for years.

I hated having to have another app running to support Infuse and it does everything I want and plays everything I have without a problem.

Yes, when I go to Settings and then over to “Collections & Groups”, all of those options are turned on. Just to try it out before adding ALL of my movies, I just added a folder that has movies that are all included in a collection (confirmed that it also exists in TMDB). But when I go to the Library I just see all the movies separated out and are not grouped into a collection.

Are you sure you are actually going to the library section and not browsing through files? Can you share a picture and maybe a couple of the file names?

Figured out what was going on…the “Fetch Metadata” tab was turned off. As soon as I turned it on, everything started filling in correctly. I was under the impression that if you wanted to use NFO files to have that off.

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