Questions on Internet Browsing and ripped DVD playback

  1. how is the internet browsing experience? slow as mud due to ATV processor or
    decent for what it is?

  2. Is Adobe flash allowed? My intention that this could be a
    nice internet interface for my little daughter who likes watching
    PBS cartoons, but everything on the internet
    for those shows uses flash for the games (e.g. curious george)

  3. what do you use for your input device for the internet?
    Im looking at the compatible mini keyboard/mice combos suggested at the ATVflash wiki

  4. Ability to watch Ripped DVDs is great. Can ATVflash play them without any problems? good playback quality?

  1. Browsing actually works pretty well, but streaming Internet video is where the AppleTV struggles.
  2. See above.
  3. If you have an iPhone the ‘Remote’ app works very well.
  4. Playback quality is great. You can see a video demo here: