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I’m still trying to transition over from Plex and Emby and just fully use Infuse. I don’t mind connecting Infuse to my Plex and Emby server but trying to ditch that route to avoid having to maintain a separate database for Infuse to pull from.
When I connect to my files via WebDAV, Infuse tries to match the movie or tv show and sometimes is not correct. Case in point…the old Pink Panther cartoons from the 60s. It appears that Infuse cannot find them since they are not in TMDB. They are however in TVDB. So does Infuse ONLY look at TMDB for everything?? Is there not an option to scrape from either one?

Correct, Infuse uses only TMDB and there’s not option for TVDB.

Often the differences between the two are how a video is classified for example TVDB may have a video classified as an episode of a TV show when TMDB has it as a movie.

Another possibility is that a movie or TV series hasn’t been added to the TMDB database yet. That’s when users can add the needed info as long as they follow all of the guidelines for new entries.

Just a quick look on the TMDB forums it looks like many of the original 60s tv episodes of the Pink Panther are actually theatrical shorts and were aired later on TV. I’d say to search the TMDB site using the episode names and see if their listed as movies/shorts.

Here’s a link to one of those discussions on the TMDB forum.

I use only Infuse and have found it well worth it to not have to have another server program running and maintaining both.

Once you get into the routine of using the formats that Infuse uses it’s a piece of cake. :wink:

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Thanks again for the detailed info!

Other question I have, if only using Infuse (without connecting to Plex or Emby), is there a way to select/edit the poster, background etc? Or is that only available on certain platforms such as a mac computer

You can override posters and background by adding your own. There’s a users guide that will give you the details here.

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Since your using Infuse directly connected to your files, thought I would ask another. In order to stream outside the house, I’m using WebDAV with my synology NAS. I have 7 folders for movies and 5 for tv shows so have to ensure each one is selected after connecting so they all show up under the Library.

Im noticing that it takes forever for Infuse to “fetch” everything and get it loaded into the library. Is this typcial with very large collections?

I don’t do any “away from home” use but Infuse does take a while the first time it’s building it’s own database to gather everything. You can watch the progress on the Library settings screen.

After it completes the scans and sync then each launch it looks for changes and updates so it’s faster.

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A simple solution would be to add the show yourself to TMDB. It’s pretty easy and you’d help those who looks for it later.

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I’d strongly advise against adding the pink panther show since they’ve already assigned it as movie shorts due to their research. I believe they’ve already deleted it as a TV show in the past.

If you do want to it’d be best post in their forum first asking if that would be acceptable.

Nothing worse than spending the time to enter the info only to have it deleted due to not following their guide lines.

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I didn’t know that, I thought it’s just not on their database

@NC_Bullseye Here is another one for you.

If I have a folder that contains movies that would be included in a Collection, and within that top folder I have poster, background etc for the collection, would Infuse pick up on that and include those movies under a Collection? (NOT connecting to Plex or Emby) Or would the Collection have to be created manually within the Infuse app or be addressed in TMDB as a collection? Thanks again

This is an “It Depends” question. :wink:

You can check on TMDB to see if your movie is in a collection and what the other movies are in that collection. That’s where to start. (Or just go for broke and look in the Infuse Library > Movies > Collections and see if yours are there. :wink: )

If the movies you have in your collection are the same as a collection on TMDB then you don’t even need to have them in the same folder as long as they are all in a share that is in your “Library”. Infuse will group these together in a few different ways. The basic way is it will show up in the “Collections” under the “Movies” in the Library. There are settings in Infuse to give you other options but that’s another post.

If they’re not in a TMDB collection you can create a collection in Infuse and Infuse will generate a poster for you.

Infuse currently doesn’t have the option to add your own posters and artwork for collections, only for the individual movies (or TV shows).

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Yeah thats what I thought. Does it matter if I have used Tiny Media Manager to create a Collection NFO?

Not really, there’s a couple of threads in the suggestions forum for allowing the user to provide an nfo file and select or provide the poster for a collection you can add your support there.

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Have a couple more newbie questions:

  1. How does Infuse handle multiple devices connected to the same content? Asking since it does not have its own server per say like Plex, Emby or Jellyfin. If I have an Apple 4K TV with Infuse pulling media from my NAS via IP address and also an iPad using WebDAV for watching Infuse media remotely, how do you get the exact same set up on each device? For example, Infuse pulls collections from TMDB, but you may have to set up your own collection if its not listed on there. If I created it using my iPad, I’m guessing its not going to show on the 4K TV unless I manually add it there to correct?

  2. If you create a collection in Infuse (not using TMDB), how in the world do you get the items in that collection to be listed by year??? I would have thought it automatically did that but looks like its sorted on how I added them to the collection

  3. If I do end up using Plex or Emby to act as my server / database and connect Infuse to it, is any of the media transcoded at all when played back through Infuse? I’m trying to avoid transcoding and only have direct play

Thanks again for all your info!

Many of your questions can be answered in the users guides. :wink:

Support this suggestion.

  1. Currently Infuse does not transcode any playback.

You can manually rearrange items in a collection. In tvOS, you long click on an item to move it.

While it might become rather tedious, it’s the best option we have at the moment, until different sort-filters can be applied uniquely to individual folders, filtered views (sci-fi genre, 1990s decade) or custom collections.

TMDB collections are sorted chronologically, because that’s how TMDB set them up.

Fwiw, when you create the collection, start with the newest title first, and proceed adding titles in reverse chronological order till you get to the oldest. Any item added to a custom collection gets dropped into the beginning of the list, hence the need to add titles backwards.

… and your Plex server won’t be able to transcode, either, since you aren’t using the Plex app on the other end.

When Infuse links with Plex, it only uses Plex for library management features. All streaming and playback is managed by Infuse, which as @NC_Bullseye said, never transcodes.

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