Questions for new Infuse user

Ok…here is another question. Does Infuse not stack files under 1 movie when the files are broken up (part 1 and part 2)? I’m looking at connecting Infuse directly to my NAS, but if a movie has different parts, it is separating them out as 2 movies. I know for a fact that Plex combines them and during playback, will immediately play part 2 right after part one is ended.

On a side note…this is what is extremely frustrating to me (I’m guessing others as well). One platform does this…another doesnt…on and on.

No, it’s also in a currently running suggestion thread here.

One car manufacturer has headlights that come on when you turn on the windshield wipers and another manufacturer doesn’t have that feature.

Infuse has features that Plex doesn’t and that’s why there’s not only one media server choice for everyone.

Infuse is one of the few apps that show this much development so hang in there, a lot of new goodies are on the horizon. :wink:


You can use MKVtoolnix to quickly and easily combine the movies / episodes without re-encoding so this won’t be an issue for you going forward.

You can also add support to this thread if you want to keep them separate but Mkvtoolnix is your only solution for now.


Here is another question for you guys…

Whether I connect directly via IP address to my NAS or by WebDAV, Infuse is taking FOREVER to load all my media…or it basically gets stuck and doesn’t load anything. I have a very large media collection but not sure if that is what is causing it or not. Should I be loading each folder into Infuse one at a time?..or does that even matter? Ideas? Thanks!

How large?

980 movies & 127 TV Shows

Is the IP address of the NAS changing by chance? If this happens, Infuse will still be trying to connect using the old IP - which can lead to issues.

You can also try running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are able to get when connecting to the NAS.

@james nope…IP address for NAS has never changed. Speed test is averaging 125 Mbps and minimum is 45 Mbps. Its like its stuck on “fetching content…”

Do you have just movies in your folders or are there other files accessible on your NAS too? 1000 files isn’t that many and shouldn’t take too long.

All movie & tv show files are MKV. There are other files such as poster, logo, etc and NFO files as well.

Have you added Favorites for the folders the movies/shows are in, or are you having Infuse scan All Files?

If Infuse is scanning through the entire NAS, this may take more time especially if you have a lot of other non-media content and folders.

So when I added my synology NAS via WebDAV into Infuse, it of course sees all folders & files on the NAS which includes a Plex and Emby Server folder. But when I go to Library, I select ONLY the folders for movies & tv shows for Infuse to load.

I’m trying it again right now and noticed that if I stay on the Settings page on my iPad, and not deviate from it, it will eventually show fetching files. If I click the Infuse icon at the bottom and then go back, it goes back to 1 of XXXX again sometimes

Infuse will scan all folders which have been added to favorites, even if they are excluded on the library screen.

To prevent these from being scanned you can remove them from favorites.

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Noticed something else I forgot to mention… If a TV Show does not have any image associated with an episode on TMDB or TVDB, Plex, Emby or Jellyfin will attempt to pull a screenshot image to correspond with that episode for the library. Does Infuse do this at all?

Infuse will use the series fanart if an episode image is missing.

Yep, that checks with what I’m seeing on my end.

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@james I have NFO files including poster, background, thumb and logo jpg’s stored within each movie and TV show folder. Infuse seems to be pulling that info for movies but I’m seeing stuff switch back and forth for TV shows. Is complete support for NFO and other items going to be fully supported?

You can follow the status of this feature request here.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in that thread to show your support for that suggestion! :wink: