Questions / Feature Requests regarding Infuse 5 Pro on Apple TV 4K


I’ve been using Infuse 5 Pro on my Apple TV 4K over the last couple of weeks and I am quite happy with it. Almost all video files that I throw at it seem to work without any major problems. There are however some things that I am not able to do and I wanted to know how to solve these issues or - if there are no solutions yet - submit them as feature requests.

Currently I use Infuse just to access and play files stored on my Windows PC (via SMB-file sharing).

  1. Metadata: currently I have Infuse configured to fetch metadata for my video files from the internet. This works fine most of the time but for videos that I have shot myself this sometimes leads to strange associations (since Infuse guesses wrongly). Is it possible to exempt certain folders from metadata fetching while keeping it turned on for others?

  2. File System: I use the list style for my folders and files and have noticed that this differs from the usual approach on PCs: in case there is only one video file in a folder the folder is not displayed at all and only the video file itself is displayed. Only if there are more than one video file and/or sub-folders in a folder is it shown. This messes with the sort order of the file list since the first few entries are always arbitrary folders (that include multiple video files or sub-folders) and afterwards the video files. Is it possible to have a conventional file system in Infuse that shows all the folders in an alphabetically sorted way - and the files only when you open the folders?

  3. Audio Delay: I have read quite a lot about this in the forums already and my opinion is: every media player, including Infuse, should allow audio delay configuration on the fly while a video is playing. While most of the videos play fine through my AV receiver the ones I shot myself are way off. In the beginning I had to configure my AV-receiver to a standard delay for Apple TV 4K, like I do for many other devices that are connected to the AV-receiver. This setting works for many video files and for the Netflix app and Amazon Prime app, and so on. But for some reason the stereo sound on my own files requires me to change the delay back to zero. Since this is cumbersome to do on the AV-receiver I have found the workaround of just turning the AV-receiver off and thereby passing through the audio to the TV (sound is not that great on my own videos anyway). It would be more elegant however to be able to configure this in Infuse in real time while the video file is playing. My very old Netgear NTV550 is able to do just this in 10ms increments.

The rest of the list is definitely feature requests since I have read about them already on the forums:

  1. Menu support for DVDs, BRs and UHD-BRs: especially for accessing any bonus content on the discs in a structured way this would be very helpful!

  2. Audio Bitstreaming: it would be great to have the option of bitstreaming all (HD) audio codecs (incl. DTS:X and Dolby Atmos) to the AV-receiver. I already submitted this feature request to Apple like recommended somewhere on the forum.

  3. Dolby Vision support for UHD-BRs: I know that this is due to dual-layer DV video currently not supported by Apple TV but maybe there is some workaround? :slight_smile:

I hope that the questions and feature requests make sense and that I could explain them in an understandable way. Would be happy for any help!

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  1. Yes, you can tag certain folders which will prevent Infuse from trying to match them with movies/TV shows. To do this, simply long-press on a folder and select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option.

  2. This is a request we’ve gotten from a few others, and will is something we’re hoping to look into for a future update.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We hope to look into something like this down the road.

  4. This is also something we may explore in the future.

  5. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of tvOS right now. It sounds like you already sent a note to Apple, but I’d encourage anyone else reading this to submit feedback to Apple by following these steps Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

FWIW, you are still able to get lossless HD audio for things like DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD as we are able to send this as LPCM. More info can be found here. Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore

  1. Sadly, neither Apple nor Dolby are able to provide us with an option for supporting dual-layer DV videos right now. As a result, these will be played in normal HDR10 (which still look pretty darn good).

Thanks for the fast reply! I will try the setting to exclude some folders from metadata matching - thanks for the info!

Regarding Bitstreaming I am already using the LPCM method and it sounds great. Still it would be nice if Apple included true Bitstreaming in a future update.

Hopefully some of my other suggestions will make it into future versions and make an already great player even better - keep up the good work!

Thanks James, I have send a feature request to Apple regarding full bitstream pass though support.

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