Questions before I buy......

Hi, I was so excited when I saw this website, and know about the software you have for Apple TV, thanks for all the work. I am looking for a pefect media player for a long time. And looks like with aTV flash installed, the new black Apple TV could be the one. I really appreciate all the work towards this software.

Questios I have for this software:

1. media format supporting: is it support rmvb format? Where I can find a full/complete list of media format it supported?

2. I only own Windows PC, Am I still be able to jailbreak the Apple TV and install the software?

3. All my of media files in stored on Western Digital Passport HD, will aTV flash be able to play the movie from these external hard drive?



Thanks a lot!

Try posting in the correct forum for starters:

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1. Work to support additional media types is currently underway. The details on which media types will be available soon.

2. Not at the moment, though a Windows PC compatible version of Seas0nPass is under development.

3. External hard drives are not currently supported, but may be at some point in the future.