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I am having trouble getting a response from support. I contacted customer service back in Feb. of this year and recently on Monday. I’m not sure how to get my question answered so I’ll post it here.

My name is Brad and I was on the yearly (recurring monthly) plan subscription
but I upgraded to the lifetime subscription back in February. On my Apple TV,
my subscription still says the yearly subscription and expires February 2020.
Am I missing something?

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I am reasonably certain you have to manually cancel the existing yearly subscription.

By canceling it, it would initiate my lifetime license purchased?

Yes, if you have a lifetime license you can cancel your yearly subscription.

In fact, Infuse should have prompted you to do this when purchasing the lifetime license, as unfortunately we can’t do this from within the app automatically.

James, I’ll give it go when I get home. Thanks.

James, I have no way to cancel my 1 year subscription. Not through iTunes or my Apple TV (where I purchased the lifetime license).

Does this sound like a familiar issue that other have had?

You can manage your subscriptions by following the steps found here.

Cancelling your subscription simply stops the auto-renewal. Your subscription will remain active for the remainder of the period for which you paid.

Thanks James.

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