Questions about Media Player

Two questions about Media Player v0.7:

  1. Does the ability to display user metadata extend to .dvdmedia files in addition to .MKV and VIDEO_TS folders?

  2. Is there any way to extend the time for response when accessing Favorites in Media Player? (The reason for this question is most of my media files are stored on a NAS which spins down after 10 minutes of inactivity. When Media Player tries to access the files on the NAS, the NAS has to spin the drives before it will allow access to the flies. This takes about 10 seconds. Access from Media Player will start the drive platters spinning, but Media player will time out, giving a “cannot access, AFP error”. If I try to access about 5-10 seconds later, I am able to access the files on the NAS.)



  1. Same problem with Time Capsule, hopefully we get a fix for this. 
  1. Better support for user meta is coming in a future version. The current version will support cover art overriding for all file types.
  2. Improved support for waking sleeping devices will be available soon.

Great news, just keeps getting better, gota love it.