Questions about Infuse sync with plex


I have few questions regarding infuse and Plex:

I synced to infuse iOS an episode of a TV show and I stopped watching it about half of it. When I got home I wanted to continue on my AppleTV but the progress was not synced (neither on Plex or Infuse despite having icloud enable).and I had to start from beginning and fast forward to the moment I stopped.
How does the sync progress works ? I pressed on both iPhone and ATV the sync button but it seems that it only sync the plex metadata?

When I sync a file, as its large files (BR rips mainly) it takes ages to sync. Is there a way to force the app to stay open so the sync can be done? Cause everytime the phone goes to sleep sync stops…

Can we have as on Plex a Trailer on each movie?

Thanks !!

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Sorry for the trouble.

Currently, there are a few limitations when syncing playback progress of synced files back to a Plex server. The workaround for now is to use Trakt on all devices, and that should allow you to keep things in sync.

With regard to file syncing, we’re working to add background syncing in the next version of Infuse. This is a new feature allowed in iOS 13, and it should allow syncing to be much easier moving forward.


Thanks for your answers.
How do you use the trakt with plex? As I had the plugin but plex disabled it few weeks ago. Now I rely on web hooks for plex so it’s a one way sync.

I do not understand how it would Work as plex Will be unable to pull my progress.

There is no other sync at all? Even between infuse iOS → tvOS via iCloud?


The disconnect right now is that local (synced) videos are played outside of Plex, so their progress is not saved to Plex.

You can remedy this in Infuse by using Trakt. Playback of these files would be synced to Trakt, which would then be available on your other devices using Infuse.

Ok, thanks, will try that.

Plex did not disabled plugins (yet), they just made them a lot less visible. You have to connect to you local address interface to see the menu:

But in the future, or if already gone on your side, there is an alternative : GitHub - pannal/Kitana: A responsive Plex plugin web frontend

I did but you cannot change any parameter, only the icons are visible (since June iirc)! Try it you’ll see. There are are many posts about this on plex forums :frowning:

@james regarding adding a trailer button on each movie is something on your todo list?


You can use Kitana?

I’m not James but I left you a link to a currently running thread for that request in your suggestion post that you can add your support to so it’s easier to track total numbers of supporters.

As to where it’s at on the list of additions you can follow that here Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21) where the most current possible additions are listed. It’s updated often so check it frequently. :slight_smile:

Regarding Katina, don’t know, I was not aware about this plugin, I will investigate.
For the trailer button, I saw your answer, thanks :slight_smile: