Questions about Apple One

First some background…
I recently changed my TV provider and this has opened up Discovery+ for me and will probably change how I consume a lot of my media.
My NAS is filling up and within a year or less I expect it to be full. Thats gonna be around £450 for a Synology expansion unit plus the cost of the hard drives. I’m 59 and too old really to justify going down that route.

Meanwhile I also have a lot of Apple Shows on my NAS.
So I was looking at an Apple One subscription. I drift in and out of Apple Music and sometimes decide just to use my locally curated music. But I actually really like Apple Music just not necessarily the cost.

So I was wondering how those of you who use it find Apple One with regards to value for money.
More importantly if I decided to free up space on my NAS by deleting as an example Ted Lasso which is probably something I will rewatch again one day (that’s about 250GB for that show alone) I’m not likely to suddenly find out in a few years time that’s it’s no longer available on Apple TV+
I guess what I’m asking about is Apples retention for its shows and movies.

I’m really tempted. I couldn’t continually justify £9 alone for Apple Music when I have all the music I tend to listen to stored locally. Bizarrely I can justify £17 a month to open up Apple TV+ if it means I can free up a lot of space on my NAS and save around £1000+ on the NAS expansion and of course the additional ease of use.

Also (If anyone knows) I get the extra iCloud storage thrown in with Apple One which I currently pay for separately. Would subscribing to Apple One cancel the individual iCloud billing or would I have to do that separately?

All replies are appreciated.

If we consider the Apple One service from the price side. Then here we can say for sure that this is the cheapest and universal solution in comparison with other providers of streaming services. The only question here is that the content of films and TV series is limited only to what is produced specifically for Appe. If you agree with this approach and do not consider yourself infringed, then you probably will not find anything better than the Apple One.

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Yeah that’s fine. I’m planning on using it more as a supplement rather than any kind of replacement.

Just as an update on this.
I contacted my new tv cable provider as I have been testing out some of the other streaming providers.
I get discovery+ free anyway but also got Disney+ added for next to nothing.

My whole way of consuming media is probably about to change as is the way I use infuse.

Having just loaded up a movie on Disney+ in a really iffy spot for cellular whilst on a quiet shift at work and seeing it play fine (after a slight delay for the stream to start) I see no reason to keep Plex running.

I will probably just use Infuse natively. Ironic now that Plex direct mode just landed. :joy:

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Wait for your Apple EyePods to arrive and see what you end up with then! :rofl:


Yeah Apple seriously need to release more hardware.

Next up a new Apple Watch. My housemate gave me her old one last year. Im probably about 4 generation behind.

She’s as bad as me to be honest. I asked her about a year ago if she had a laptop. She said she would never need one as her iPhone and iPad did all she needs.
Yesterday she showed me her new MacBook. :joy:

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I just got my first Apple Watch SE for fathers day and now I have to learn how to tell time. :clown_face: It really is a Dick Tracy moment when you answer your first phone call on your watch.


I use mine religiously as my wake up alarm now.
Despite its relatively low volume it does a far better job of waking me up than using my Phone or HomePods.

I honestly never had the urge for a smart watch at all. Now it’s one of my favourite Apple devices…it just needs an upgrade.

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Just an update. It was inevitable that I would just say sod it and order an expansion for the NAS…
I didn’t though. I just ordered an 8 bay NAS instead.

Thirty minutes from having an up and running 5 bay to it all being up and running on the 8 bay. Thats was one hell of a simple migration process.

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You’ll regret not going for the 6 foot tall 19 inch rack mount cabinet. :rofl: