Question when reorganizing libraries


when re-organizing large libraries (e.g. migration to another share, broken database),
is there any way to detect possible miss-matches without scrolling through the entire library?


Failures to match will be dumped into the Others media category; but mismatches are harder to visually identify because, by default, Infuse is unaware the media was incorrectly identified.

I therefore hunt for mismatches via the normal tedious ways: comparing media title counts identified by Infuse vs. those I know to exist in each folder, visually scanning for unfamiliar poster art in poster view, and visually scanning for unfamiliar media titles in list view.

Sometimes I’ll notice unfamiliar TMDB Movie Collections have been included in my library because a movie of mine was misidentified as a movie that was a member of a collection that shouldn’t exist in my personal media library; or one of my collections will be missing an item that I know exists in my library because a sequel was misidentified as an earlier film in the collection (or vice versa).