Question to Infuse "behaviour" regarding downloaded multiple subtitles to multiple movies via

Dear community,

recently I just discovered the possibility of downloading subtitles from to any movie in my library (which I find fantastic btw!) and fooled around with it.

Now I’ve various (and unnecessary / unwanted) subtitles within various movies, because of my lack of keeping track for which movie I’ve downloaded what subs.

My questions are:

  1. Where does Infuse save / store all subs and is there a way to delete ALL downloaded subs at once?
  2. Or do I’ve to go all recently opened movies and delete them one by one?
  3. Do all subs get deleted when deleting / clearing all meta data?
  4. Do all downloaded subs for ONE movie get deleted, when that PARTICULARLY movie gets deleted / removed from the library?

(and if there is no such option for removing all downloaded subs movie-wise respectivately deleting ALL subs at once - there you have your suggestion for a new function in a future release / update of Infuse ;))

Currently, subs are stored locally on each device. We’re looking into the possibility of syncing these via iCloud for a future update.

It’s not possible to remove downloaded subs at one time, but subs will be removed when deleting videos (through Infuse) or by running the Clear All Metadata option in Settings.

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