Question regarding title logo

I noticed in the Blog for 7.4 it indicates that the movie or TV show logo is in the details page…but any reason why the blog post shows the title logo on the bottom left and everything that I’m seeing within Infuse (running current version 7.5), the title logo is floating on the top left?

Speaking of title logos…any reason why if there is indeed an existing title logo, it can replace the standard font title from infuse? Think its been mentioned on here before but showing the text title with a title logo above it is completely redundant.

Thanks for any info you can provide

It’s absolutely redundant to have both the logo and the title text and it looks ugly. I don’t understand why there isn’t an option to replace the title with the logo yet, this would make Infuse have a cleaner and more modern look. I myself created a topic about this a long time ago and so far I haven’t received any response from Firecore.

That thread is here.

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I think the logo might be in different places on different devices, but I don’t have a Mac so can’t say for certain that that is where the picture might have come from.

Luckily Infuse does allow you to selectively show or hide the logos by category, so I have my devices setup to show the logos for TV shows but hide them for movies (where the titles are redundant).

I’m hoping that the ability to hide movie title text when showing movie logos is added … eventually. Current like count shows I’m one of 19 of like mind on that. If you click, that will make 20.