Question regarding iOS app for mobile device and Apple 4K TV

Since I’m new to Infuse (coming over from Plex / Emby) have a couple more questions.

Regarding the Infuse app on my iPad: Is there not a way to get the Movies and TV shows icon to show up like on the favorites on the Library page?

Apple 4K TV: When selecting a Collection, I notice that you have to constantly scroll down to the other movies within the collection to switch between them. Then scroll back up to the top to view synopsis etc. Not sure if others agree but this is cumbersome having to go back and forth. Any changes coming so that that won’t be needed? I get that the current view takes advantage of the full screen background with the info/buttons at the bottom, but again, I’m thinking could be done better.


This Apple TV and collections part actually became really noticeable to me yesterday.

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