Question re cast & crew images in 7.1

Hey everybody,

what is supposed to happen when I click on an actor using the Apple TV remote? At the moment, it just shows the movie/episode that was selected anyway. I have waited for my whole library to be updated before I tried that.

I would have thought that some general info about the cast/crew member would be displayed instead of simply showing the current movie/episode?

I’m a bit confused about the actual benefit of this new function…!


Selecting a cast/crew member would take you to a page which displays all the other titles in your library in which that person has starred.

If your library contains only a single title with that actor, then only a single item would appear there.

These screenshots are from iOS, but here’s what it should look like when other titles are present.

…thanks for clarifying, James. I will test this a bit more thoroughly tomorrow!