Question on Specific Title (Looney Tunes)

Was wondering what is the best way to get Looney Tunes indexed properly? I have most of the complete collection (800 of 1000 episodes or so). I can’t seem to find it on (which I assume you are using), but other services like Plex pick up the complete set and not just the Golden Collection etc. etc.

This one is an issue for me because instead of putting them all in “Other” it added like 700 of them as movies without artwork etc etc.

Looney Tunes are organized into seasons by year ( so you would want to use a file structure like this.


that is the structure I use.

Looney Tunes\1929\Looney Tunes - 1929x01 - Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid.mpg
Looney Tunes\1969\Looney Tunes - 1969x01 - Fistic Mystic.mpg

File names can be very finicky, try the using the file name exactly as james provided. Note the use of periods and the non use of dashes along with the use of S1965E01 instead of the 1969x01. Dashes seem to cause problems intermittently so give this a shot.

For example use “Looney.Tunes.S1969E01.Fistic.Mystic.mpg” instead of “Looney Tunes - 1969x01 - Fistic Mystic.mpg”

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Looney.Tunes.S1969E01.Fistic.Mystic.mpg format didn’t worth either, still shows as a movie without artwork.

Not sure what to tell you. I used this exact file name with the mkv extention “Looney.Tunes.S1969E01.Fistic.Mystic” (this is copied directly from the file name and pasted here) and it picked it up just like it should. It shows as a TV show in library and has all the correct artwork and info. I didn’t even have to try and refresh it, it populated with the correct info as soon as I opened that favorite.

Maybe something with the season folder not having Season in the name but just the year?

Or I guess from reading that you’re using Plex DLNA that could be causing an issue since Plex probably doesn’t pass it in the correct structure.

What folder structure did you use?

I initially use Plex DLNA, I am using SMB now and eventually will switch to NFS when I can figure out how to get that to read.

Possible, I’ll try that when I get home tonight.

Have you tried the file name since you switched to SMB? Unfortunately external metadata and artwork won’t be available when streaming via UPnP or DLNA.

I just used a test video file I have and renamed it to what I posted above and placed it in one of my favorites. I didn’t do the series folder with season folders inside since you were having issues with even having it find the right show. Once you get it to find a single show we can then work on other problems.

Your primary folder should be named “Looney Tunes” and the season folders within should probably be labeled “Season 1969” not just “1969” and so on.