Question on remote access when connected to Jellyfin server

Im trying out using Infuse connected to a Jellyfin server and wanted some insight from those that are using it this way, to figure out remote access. Plex and Emby servers were pretty simple either by themselves or connect to Infuse. But with Jellyfin Im noticing its more involved. Im guessing you have to set up port forwarding or something on the Jellyfin side to get remote access working. Can anyone let me know what us best way forward with instructions? Ive tried the open port thing, but its not working remotely (yes port is open). Thanks for any help/info that can be provided!

I don’t use jellyfin but have you read through the users guide to see if it may help?

I use Jellyfin and didn’t set up anything special. If you are wanting remote access, like from outside your home, then make sure “Allow remote connections to this server” is enabled on the Jellyfin server (Administration | Dashboard | Advanced | Networking), and you’ll also probably need to setup port forwarding on your router.

Thanks for your response. Can you contact me directly? Would like see how exactly you have your Networking info set up in Jellyfin for remote access (outside home). I did the port forwarding but think something is not jiving since I tested the port and it says its open. But if I cannot access Jellyfin at all remotely, I’m guessing it will be the same using Infuse connected to that same Jellyfin server. Thanks again

Networking settings in Jellyfin is pretty much defaults when I installed it.

Maybe check under your user account settings. I enabled allow remote connections to this server for the remote user i created. Then select what rights you want to give. There’s really nothing else I’ve done.



Appreciate your response. Because Infuse doesnt have full support for Collections (changing poster, etc) was trying to use Emby or Jellyfin server to get around it. Emby is straight up a pain for some reason, but Jellyfin takes tinkering to get remote access to work. Plex is a whole other issue!
With Jellyfin, everything I’m reading pertaining to just using the open port creates issues with security. So I’m reading others use reverse proxy, Tailscale, Cloudfare, etc etc etc. Thought the open port thing would be a snap, but if I try to use Jellyfin outside of my house it just sits and spins. If it does that, it certainly won’t work using Infuse connected to it.
Do you have anything set up within Jellyfin under Networking and Remote Access Settings?

No, just allow remote connections to this server. (I don’t have an ssl cert, so I didn’t enable https right now btw)

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