Question on Infuse (iOS)

Does the free Infuse app from the App Store not support visibility of music files? I see the music folders on the Dlink NAS but when I enter them the app says the folder is empty. I can see and play the files from my computer. Any suggestions?

I do not believe that the current version of inFuse supports playing music files (only audio embedded in video files), although James has stated that support for audio only files is planned for the future,

I thought FLAC was one of the supported formats and assumed it was a reference to audio files. Any idea when this update is coming? Personally, this is the most important use case for me, and am sure to folks who have lossless music files.

Infuse is designed for video files only right now, but we may look at adding support for music and other media types in a future version.

Doesn’t Infuse on the atv flash black already do this for a few years now?