Question on file naming for ISO files

Have a couple questions pertaining to ISO files:

When it comes to ISO files, what is the preferred naming format?
What is preferred naming for a bluray movie that has multi-discs or extras on a separate disc?
What about an ISO that is not actually a movie but rather a documentary type bluray?

Thanks for the help!

This is the way I name the iso format movie, which can be well recognized by infuse, which can answer your first two questions.

By putting the audio and video info in the file name, does Infuse read/pick up that info and display it?

Infuse does not determine audio and video information based on the file name. For example, a Dolby Vision video in profile 7 format has “DV” in the file name, but because infuse does not support Dolby Vision video in profile 7 format, the video will be recognized as HDR video and displayed with the HDR logo. For videos in mkv and mp4 formats, infuse will automatically analyze video files to obtain audio and video information. For videos in iso or BDMV format, infuse can only obtain audio and video information after playback. I guess it is because the file structure is more complicated.

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Nope. Infuse figures that out by scanning each media file.