Question on DV movies labeling

I’m currently using Infuse connected to my Plex server. With Plex, the ONLY device that shows that the movie is in Dolby Vision is the web interface…nothing else (which is utterly stupid and has never been corrected). So when I look at those same movies in Infuse, the DV label is missing.

Is this a known issue? Or should I indeed see the DV label? Let me know what I’m missing.

Thanks for the help!

Are you running the latest 7.5 update?

Can you try using the Refresh option on one of the affected items?

Yep, using the latest version of Infuse. Tried the refresh on one of the movies and still does not show the DV label

Can you post a screenshot of the specs shown on the Plex server for one of these video files?

Here you go. This same movie in Infuse is only labeled as 4K HDR

Sorry, these would be the specs shown when using the Get Info option.

Look for entries related to Dolby Vision (or DOVI).

Here you go:

That looks to be profile 7, which isn’t supported on Apple devices and will fallback to HDR.

Some people are having success converting these videos to Profile 8, which would be supported. Lots of discussion in this thread.

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