Question on BDMV

Trying out BDMV with Infuse but not sure how the file structure should be. Any pointers?

Right now I have it as:
folder: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

  • folder: BDMV
  • folder: CERTIFICATE

Infuse is not picking it up as a movie at all within the Library. Please advise, thanks!

For BDMV files, you will want to organize everything into a folder with the movie’s name. The folder with the movie’s name will then be recognized as a playable item.

Here is an example layout.

James - my BDMV is actually a folder so it doesn’t match your example…guessing thats why its not being recognized by Infuse as playable. What type of file is your BDMV?? This is how mine looks:


BDMV is actually a folder, but macOS shows it as a special item. Windows looks like it handles it differently.

Gotcha… So with how my files look under the main folder, any reason why Infuse is not seeing it as a movie in the Library?

Possibly due to the extra items inside.

Also, some streaming options won’t support folder-based videos like this, including UPnP and DLNA.

I tried it in an ISO file and its playing so will try that route. I am noticing that Infuse is not using the artwork I have in the folder though. Does Infuse not override artwork if the movie is ISO?

You can place an image file alongside the ISO file, but unfortunately Infuse will not recognize it if it’s inside.


/Movies/Jurassic Park.iso
/Movies/Jurassic Park.jpg

Yeah I have the artwork files inside the main folder but Infuse is not using it for some reason.


Images will need to match the video file name exactly.

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