[Question] Is there any kind of streaming cache in place?

I want to know if Infuse has any kind of streaming cache. For example, on Plex there is a “readahead” cache that is configurable between 10MB and 500MB, and when streaming media, it’s possible to see this in action and how it will impact streaming.

If there is something like this on Infuse, what are the internal settings? I’ve been having issues with my ISP, and I know if there was some kind of local streaming cache, it would help during those blips in streaming, if there were several seconds saved locally, etc. Could anyone at Infuse clarify if something like this exists and how it works? If there’s nothing like this, it would definitely be a nice-to-have feature for those times when connections become fickle. I don’t care about having it configurable, just as long as it has some a reasonable default, like 75MB or 150MB local streaming cache.

Infuse does include a cache, though this is not user-adjustable. Instead, it’s adjusted automatically based on your network speed.

For example, when streaming Infuse will start out with a small cache so it is able to start playback very quickly. As the movie plays, the cache will continue to fill. If the network speed is less than ideal, Infuse will increase the cache size as needed.

Okay thanks for the clarification. Would pausing a stream also prevent the cache from growing, or will the cache continue to increase while paused? It would be nice if pausing a stream would allow the cache to grow (up to whatever limit is in place), for those poor network moments.

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