Question: Infuse Pro - Lifetime License


i´m a little bit confused regarding the lifetime license model with infuse. Im inclined to buy the lifetime license for 59.99€ via in-app purchases. my question though is how long this license is valid?

  1. Is it just a lifetime license for INFUSE 6 Pro?
  2. Is it a lifetime license for Infuse 6 Pro and all future releases (Infuse 7 Pro, Infuse 8 Pro). Or do i need to buy for Infuse 7 Pro another “Lifetime” License?

Thanks for clarification

Best regards

2nd sentence on this sticky message in this forum should answer your question : Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

A lifetime subscription covers all future versions of Infuse including 7, 8, etc.

In order to get the lifetime subscription you need to install the free version of Infuse and then use the in app subscription option for Lifetime.

If you purchase the Infuse 6 Pro version you won’t have the option for a lifetime subscription and you’ll only get updates until Infuse reaches version 7.

Thanks for clarification. i detected currently Issues with the library sync. Will see how that plays out and then decide if i buy a pro membership or move over to PLEX

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