Question from a new convert from Plex

Given all the issues I’ve had recently with Plex on my Apple TV 4K, I decided to start using Infuse instead. I have a few questions regarding the best way to stream my files from my iMac to my Apple TV. It looks like my two options are to use the DLNA option in the Plex Media Server app, or to use an SMB share. Does using the Plex option offer any advantages over SMB?

Secondly, it doesn’t look like there’s any remote playback options similar to what Plex offers if I’m away from home. Is this correct? The closest proximity I’ve found is to copy files to a cloud storage provider like Google Drive and stream from there. Am I correct that this is just about the only option?

Finally, does Infuse have any feature that would allow me to sync a compressed version of a video file to my iOS device to playback without the need of internet access? There are times when this would be convenient, but I don’t want to have to sync an entire 20gb-30gb mkv to my iPhone. I know I could convert it manually on my Mac, I was just curious if Infuse had anything similar to what Plex offers in this regard.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist in answering my questions.

Currently the options would be SMB, NFS, or DLNA from Plex. One thing we are currently working on is an all-new native Plex integration which would allow you to connect directly using your Plex login details.

Ultimately, this will provide a much better experience when streaming from Plex and should allow for more flexible remote streaming and downsampling options.